Away we go

After a great breakfast at Lona and a short walk on the beach we went back to our room to finish the packing. Shortly after getting there the hotel porter was there to take our big bags to the ship. Next time we would see them would be in our cabin.

We gathered in the lobby early and it seemed like most all the Viking cruisers had the same idea, the lobby was packed.

We were assigned Bus 1/Group 1 to board at 11:00, and it was pretty much on time. However we sat on the bus for a while waiting for some stragglers.

After a short distance, but seeming long time we arrived at terminal 19. Security and check in was a breeze and we were directed to go get comfortable as there was a coast guard inspection going on and it would be a bit until we boarded. We chatted with a very kind Scottish couple as you do while waiting to get on a 5 month cruise. After about 90 minutes they started calling boarding groups, our number 8 came soon enough and we were finally on board with a glass of bubbles in hand.

We were immediately directed to our muster station for a brief safety demo and then we were free to find lunch.

A quick lunch in the World Cafe (Buffet) and the announcement was made that rooms were ready. Off we went to see our new home and do at least some unpacking.

We found the Explorers lounge and went out front for sail away, we were on our way!

We managed to get dinner reservations at the Chefs table and had a fantastic fixed menu featuring Peking Duck.

A couple drinks and meeting new friends and we were ready for bed.

The next morning we woke off the coast of Cuba to the first of what I am sure will be many beautiful sunrises.

I took a walk about the ship and took a few pictures. I am sure there will be many more ship pictures. We went to a history talk about Aztec, Mayan and Inca civilizations and in the afternoon I went to a writers workshop. Perhaps my writing will get better.

Tonight will be dinner in “The Restaurant” and tomorrow Cozumel.

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