Home away from home

Good morning from the Southwest Caribbean.

So for the next several weeks we will be “living” in a 225 square foot cabin on the Viking Neptune. It does not seem like a lot but with a few tweaks it is actually plenty of space. And we also have the whole ship to call home.

These are what it looked like when we first walked in

This is what it looks like after the tweaks.

  • The coffee service has been removed to give us another shelf
  • The table has been moved behind the chairs to be used as storage
  • Magnets are in use all over, cannot overstate the usefulness of magnets
  • The over the door shoe hanger is awesome for all the little things of life
  • We did not need to make any tweaks to the bathroom
  • Doubled the daily water
  • We have a mini fridge, but since we don’t drink soda we don’t use it.
The tweaked space
Table moved behind the chairs.
Coffee service removed
Shoe hanger
Desk and more magnets

4 thoughts on “Home away from home”

  1. Daryl,
    We are booked on the Neptune 23/24 WC & most interested to see your cabin rearrangement is very close to what we have in mind. As we are thinking of bringing some sort of lightweight shelf for the coffee station area would appreciate if you could advise the width.
    Many thanks & have a wonderful cruise, we will be closely following.
    Kind regards

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