Colon and Panama City

Good Morning from Colon

Ships waiting for their turn in the canal

I am not sure I have ever seen two such disparate cites that are so close to each other, about 70 km by road. It is very clear that the money is in Panama City and it seems to me like Colon has been left to its own devices. I would visit Panama City for a vacation, I never need to see Colon again. Very sad for the people of Colon.

We got on the bus and had a short drive through Colon and then across the isthmus to Panama City. The drive through the jungle and over some small mountains was pretty. It was awesome to see the Chagras river. We then had a drive out to the very western/southern point of Panama City to get the view across the bay. Then to Old Town where we found some time on our own and enjoyed a local beer and some ceviche. About 90 minutes back to Colon and on the ship.


Panama City

Next is the Panama Transit, we start about 5:30 tomorrow AM and I plan on being at the bow.

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  1. Everyone crowds the now. It’s also interesting to go to the bow – much less crowded – and watch the locks close instead of open.

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