The Panama Canal

A crossing of the canal has been on my list for a long time, it was an amazing day. Serious respect for the people that built this wonder.

The 5:45AM approach to the Canal was so quiet we could hear all the birds and the howler monkeys in the forest.

We got to the first lock about 7:00AM and went under the Bridge of the Americas about 4:00PM. I was enthralled the whole way.

I took a lot of pictures and put just a few here. Note there are multiple pages of photos.

Approaching the canal at about 5:45 AM
The Atlantic Bridge
The first site of the locks
Where the paths to the old and new locks separate, new locks are on the left
Approaching our first lock
They throw ropes up to the ship, this poor fellow tried twice but missed both times
This guy got it the first try
Trying us off to an electric mule
Supervisor #1
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