Boobies, Tea and Sunset


Today was a relaxing sea day that was mostly spent reading, sorting through about 600 pictures of the Panama Canal and being mostly lazy.

I did get some Boobie (Brown Boobies that is) pictures.

We went to tea for the first time. The ship has high tea every day at 4:00. Tea and scones were amazing, like every little thing on this ship.

The sun provided the evening show with a beautiful end to the day.

One last thing. As many of you know Susan has these little personal fans. Turns out the crew is FASCINATED with these fans. They never fail to stop, comment, purr and coo over the fans. Apparently cool moving air is a big thing in the crew cabins. We should have brought more to give out to the crew, but it may have caused a riot.

Tomorrow is a Walk in the Clouds in Costa Rica.

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