The Viking Neptune

We are on our 4th sea day after Costa Rica and I finally got around the ship to take some photos. The ship really is amazing.

I have captured most of the public places except the specialty restaurants and the spa, they were not available for photos, I shall try again.

I do think I have captured most of the many book cases on the ship.

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6 thoughts on “The Viking Neptune”

  1. Your blog is fantastic…love all the pictures! We will be joining you in LA and seeing the pictures just makes us even more excited to get onboard!

  2. I am Margaret Welker and just istarting to follow these blogs My cruise around the world starts in LA in January 2024 on the sky. Pictures are amazing. I would like to ask if there is a game room and if the ship is equipped with Rummikub and Mah Jongg tiles, along with other games.
    Also,I will be a solo traveler. How many solos on your voyage, if you know?

  3. They are a lot of game groups including Mah Jongg

    There are several singles but not sure how many

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