Cabo, Whales and Rocks

After 4 sea days from Costa Rica we arrived in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Since this was a tender port we decided it would be a good morning to get a pedicure while most of the people tendered to shore. Turned out to be a good plan. Viking has a very smooth tender process and brand new tenders, very nice.

The ride itself was about 20 minutes into a very busy marina. tons of boats, row boats to mega-yacht all piled in this marina.

We found the recommended Captain Jacks for lunch and enjoyed that, then we took a walk about to see what was right there by water. To be honest it is not our scene, perhaps 30 years ago.

Tender back was uneventful and we went up to the Explorers lounge to see sunset and sail away.

Before sunset however we saw whales, mostly at a distance, but I did grab a couple tail shots.

There was one momma whale trying to feed her calf and was constantly being harassed by boats. The naturalist aboard said he could tell she was upset as she kept hitting the water with her fin. People can really suck.

Really kinda sad what we saw at Cabo, such natural beauty being overrun by greed and uncaring people. I imagine what would happen if Vegas had been built on the edge of the Grand Canyon, it would be like this. The mind boggles at what the greedy would have done. Very glad there are national parks.

Next 2 more sea days to Los Angeles and the welcoming of the rest of the world cruisers

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