Halfway to Hawaii

Jan 12, 2023

3 sea days down 3 to go. We both love our sea days. Susan has been busy with morning yoga and stretching, learning mahjongg and painting. I have been reading and spending time with the on board naturalists Robin and Chris learning about the oceans we are sailing on and spotting animals along the way.

Susan has completed her first art project, I think it is really good

Not a lot of animals this far out in the ocean though there are birds and there have been some whale sightings, I personally only saw one whale in the distance. I did get some pictures of a black footed albatross, a red footed booby and a flying fish. Watching for the wildlife out on the very front of the ship is addictive and very fun when you capture them on camera.

3 more sea days and then Honolulu for 2 days instead of 1. Our Kauai port has been cancelled due to a lack of guides and bus drivers.

4 thoughts on “Halfway to Hawaii”

  1. Seems as though you guys are really finding your groove in the ship
    I can only imagine how relaxing those are
    Love the stories – keep ‘em coming

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