Pollywogs to Shellbacks

January 19th, 2023

Today we crossed the equator and with that all pollywogs (first time crossing the equator) had to appease the Norse god Aegir.

First the crew had to salute or kiss the fish, take a shot of aquavit and then line up around the pool to await sentencing. Needless to say they were all guilty and had to then jump into the pool.

Then it was our turn to kiss the fish, drink the aquavit and jump in the pool. It was a great event and we really enjoyed it. Very glad the aquavit was cold and the pool was warm.

Once through the ceremony we were no longer pollywogs, we are now shellbacks. Aegir is happy and will let us pass.

We have had some other activities the past couple days as well. Susan has created her first felt gnome, Radulf. We have gotten to enjoy an awesome doughnut buffet and some quality time in the spa. Yes I did the dump bucket of cold water.

3 thoughts on “Pollywogs to Shellbacks”

  1. Is the blue picture a room of snow and frost? If so … you give me a bunch of money and I’ll show you all the snow and frost you could dream of! For an extra 20 pesos I’ll even throw a cold bucket of water on you. 🙂

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