Auckland New Zealand

February 1, 2 and 3 2023

We got 3 days in Auckland

Day 1 we did the bus tour around Auckland. Sad to see so much damage from the recent storms. It limited the routes we could take but the driver was great and rolled with it whenever we hit a diversion (Detour). He called it a Tiki (pronounced ticky) tour which means a trip with no firm destination. Was a very fun little tour.

We saw a lot of Cafe’s (pronounced Calf’s by the driver) and some very pretty gardens. 

We then took a walk along the water front and found a nice little place for some oysters and mussels. The mussels here are amazing.

After lunch we went to the maritime museum. A very nice place on the waterfront. Actually got to touch a ballast ingot from James Cook’s ship the Endeavor. Pretty cool history

Day 2 was a walking food tour of Auckland.

We had a great time walking around downtown Auckland. Went into a historic hotel for tea and cheese, then we walked to a chocolatier for some gourmet treats. We then walked down the harbor to the fish market and then on to a place for a great lunch of more New Zealand seafood.

We then did a bit of a walkabout on our own and went up the hill to Albert Park and to find some bookstores and an art store.

That evening we were treated to a Maori show on the ship. It was really good and they even did a Haka which was awesome.

Day 3 was the Weta workshop.

An amazing place, so much to see and do.  Hard to describe. Susan even got into the makeup simulator to see what she looked liked as a cute little bunny.

We came out of the building to pouring rain and a Chinese year of the rabbit, rabbit.

Overall 3 great days in Auckland

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