Beautiful Bali

3 Days March 1, 2 and 3

Bali City Tour

March 1

The sail into Bali was kinda crazy, boat everywhere and they seemed to have no issue racing right up to us in our huge ship. Chaos was the word to describe it and we would get to know it well.

Our first tour into the city introduced us to Bali traffic, crazy to say the least. Huge props to the bus drivers, they have crazy skills

We got to go to a temple and a market, all fascinating

Ubud Rice Terraces

March 2nd

Today we got to go up towards the mountains and visit a museum, a market and the Ubud Rice Terraces

We learned that the roads we thought were bad yesterday had nothing on the narrow very crowded roads we were on today

The museum grounds were beautiful and our guide gave us 2 hours to wander around and go to the market. 

We then got to go to the rice terraces, really amazing. Pictures do not do it justice.

After we got back to the ship we had a couple hours so we found a little place to get a beer and some prawns and calamari. Very spicy and very good.

We then had a dinner and a show at a local hotel. It was interesting, but we would not do it again.

When we got back to the ship we found that Viking had delivered a birthday cake and a bottle of bubbles for Susan’s birthday. A nice surprise. She had a great birthday.

Temple wonders

March 3rd

Today we got to go to a Batik workshop which was amazing

We then went to a temple on the Indian Ocean that is a UNESCO World Heritage site, then a very nice lunch at a resort that is right on rice patties. Then on to yet another amazing temple complex.

Bali is an exotic and wonderful place with the nicest people. We would come back to visit, but I don’t think we would move here.

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