Lankawi Malaysia

Mar 20, 2023

The sail into Langkawi is beautiful and while sailing in we were lucky enough to see humpback dolphins.

We had decided to just take the shuttle into town and wander around a bit, perhaps not the best decision. Langkawi is pretty much tourist driven and Covid hit it very hard. Not much open and what was there was kinda rundown.

We did find a nice local aquarium and had a nice hour or so there. We saw a penguin that reminded us of our lazy cats and we saw a person feeding the fish and having to continually push back a very greedy turtle and a very nice jelly fish display.

We also walked out onto the beach but it was very hot and they had jelly fish warnings out.

So we went back to the ship and called it a day

On the way out we were greeted by the Malaysian squid fishing fleet with the green lights on to attract the squid. Pretty cool to see.

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