Phuket Thailand

Mar 21, 2023

We decided to make this another Thai beach day. Beautiful Patong beach was just at the end of the tender pier, so really easy for us.

We walked down the beach and found a nice spot to rent a couple beach chairs and umbrellas. The very kind Thai people brought us beer and they often walked by with stuff for sale. Not pushy at all, if you say no thanks, they smile and walk away.

The water was perfect and very fun to play in.

Susan got a temporary tattoo on the beach, very fun experience.

We then got a great Thai lunch with a view of the beach. I truly can never have Thai food at home again, spoiled for life.

We walked back along the main road. Very funny little taxies are everywhere. Turns out you can get almost anything in Thailand, except they were very clear that it is illegal to eat dog or cat. 

You can buy weed everywhere anytime and word has it that the beach becomes a very different place after dark where you can get really any adult thing or service you can imagine. We were not there to witness this.

As we sailed away Viking put on a tomahawk steak dinner under the sky by the pool. The meal was good and the opera singers were amazing.

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