Smiling Sri Lanka

Mar 25-27, 2023

3 days in Columbo Sri Lanka and I must say I was surprised. 

These are perhaps the friendliest people I have ever met, everyone smiles and waves. They love to engage in conversation. They are kind and beautiful people.

On the first day we did a city tour, turned out to be a great day for there was a huge cricket match going on between rival schools. It was exactly like a big college football game back in the states. Flags waving, music, tailgating, traffic jams, dancing. It was awesome to see. 

We went to a Buddhist temple that was total sensory overload, so many Buddhas, they get Buddhas sent from all over the world. it was another amazing place.

Then we went to Independence square and saw their celebration of freedom from England. We also saw a snake charmer which is a fading thing here and will be gone soon.

Day 1 pics

On day 2 we did a tuk tuk (pronounced took took) tour around the city. Many of the same sights as the previous day but from a very different perspective. 

The ride was thrilling and more than a few close calls, though those don’t faze the drivers at all. 

At a stop I got to know our driver a bit and he was happy to show me the engine of the tuk tuk. Other drivers showed up and wanted to show me all the different engines, 2 stroke, 4 stroke and full injected. They were very happy to be explaining all this to me.

I think I need a tuk tuk in Winter Garden

Day 2 Pics

On day 3 we went out to a tea and rubber plantation and factory. It was nice to see some countryside and more little villages. The plantation itself was up a very narrow almost 1 lane road, we had to back up several times to let traffic pass. It was beautiful.

We were invited to the managers bungalow for tea and cake on the lawn, very civilized in a beautiful environment.

We then saw rubber trees and how they tap them for latex.

We saw ladies harvesting tea and then we had a factory tour. It smelled so good. 

Yet another amazing day.

This is another country I would go back to. So much more to see.

Day 3 pics

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  1. I would not have expected all that from Sri Lanka – what I think of when I hear of the country is a decades long civil war, land mines and poverty. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised there is so much more – How amazing!

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