Cochin India

Mar 29, 2023

Our first taste of India, Cochin also know as Kochi is in a mostly Catholic state of India. This particular state is run by the local communist party.  since this is not a Hindu area there were no cows roaming around, I understand that will be our next couple stops.

I have to say it was both what I expected and not at the same time. Very hard to describe. 

We did a local city tour of some very old Portuguese churches and other sites, a tour through a fishing market and saw very old Chinese fishing nets and then a tour of “Jew Town” where we saw a synagogue and many Jewish/Hindu/Catholic/Indian shops that confused me quite a bit.

We did buy some spices and a couple other items from some very nice shop keepers.

There were a ton of great birds flying around all day long and we saw dolphins during the sail away.

It was not a clean city by any standard and seeing a ship dump thousands of gallons of sludge into the bay about a mile from where they were fishing was hard to watch.

I’ll let the pictures tell more of the story.

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