The best thing about plans is changing them

We have decided to extend our adventure beyond London

We are going to stay in London a few extra days and then on May 18th take an 8 day Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary II to New York City. From there we will rent a car and take about a week to drive home.

It will be awesome to make this a true around the world cruise and to sail on such an iconic cruise liner.

And our entire trip will happen without getting on a plane.

8 thoughts on “The best thing about plans is changing them”

  1. Sailing into New York sounds like a wonderful way to end your voyage. Welcomed home by the Statue of Liberty.

  2. We have crossed many time on the Mary2 and also on the old QE2 – wonderful! We are on the 23/24 Sky WC andthinking of the same thing… how many days do you stay in England before you pick up the Queen?

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