Jeddah and the Red Sea

April 9th, 2023

After 5 days at sea from Mumbai we have reached Jeddah Saudi Arabia. On the way I captured a few images of the wildlife found in this area of the world.

In Jeddah Susan and I went on 2 separate tours. I did the walking tour of the UNESCO old town of Jeddah and Susan did the same, but her’s was a women tour only and focused on women in Saudi Arabia. Susan loved her guide and tour.

The tour was good, very hot, but beautiful. The buildings in the old town are amazing and I can see why it is a UNESCO site. It was unfortunate we were here during Ramadan as most all the shops were closed while we were there. I understand they opened up in the afternoon after we were back on the ship.

I think it would be a great place to see at night when it is full of people and all the twinkle lights were on.

One thought on “Jeddah and the Red Sea”

  1. The Middle East is a fascinating place tons of history and culture. I hope you had kabob while you were there!

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