Cartagena, Spain and Gibraltar

May 1st and 2nd, 2023

This was a new port for us and it turned out to be another fabulous Spanish city. We did a short bus ride to a beautiful beach on the Med and then to a recently found Roman amphitheater. The Romans were everywhere and built awesome buildings.

We then walked through the old city where the pedestrian streets are paved with marble.  Susan had the best coffee ever, Asiático coffee. We also found some Iberico ham and a couple local beers.

A beautiful place that we would love to go back to.

The next morning we sailed through the Straight of Gibraltar. Sadly it was a cloudy morning so no mountain photos, but there were dolphins and birds.

 Viking did host a very nice brunch.

One thought on “Cartagena, Spain and Gibraltar”

  1. Incredible passages you have been through – the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and now the straits of Gibraltar. What stories of history those passages could tell.
    BTW, the brunch looks like it was ridiculously delicious.

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