Normandy and the D-Day beaches

May 6, 2023

A very moving day

We travelled through the beautiful Normandy countryside to Omaha beach where we spent a while reflecting on what happened there 79 years ago. There were white roses in the water around the monuments, put there by someone that knows we should never forget.

We then traveled to the nearby American cemetery, it reminded me of Arlington, but different. All these men died here on this beach. So many graves. Heart wrenching.

We then went to the site where the allies built an artificial “Mulberry” harbor to support the landing. Many parts of the harbor can still be seen at low tide. An amazing feat of engineering.

We stopped at a local bistro ate moules et frites and drank a bottle of wine while we contemplated what we had seen.

We then went to the Musée du Débarquement, Arromanches which is an excellent D-Day museum.

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