Crossing on the Queen

May 19th to 25th

We were picked up by Edward our driver (If you ever need a great driver in London, let me know) and did the 1.5 hour drive from Richmond to Southampton. We boarded the Queen Mary 2 without any issues. 

This ship is about as different as possible from the Viking Neptune, but it is still wonderful. What a great way to cross the ocean.

It is grand ship all in art deco intended to invoke the past centuries grand era of ocean sailing. From high tea to classical music and ballroom dancing to a grand dining room and a traditional English pub. Much like being in a fine European hotel.

Two other Viking couples are on the ship as well and we had a fine dinner with them talking about our adventures and the future. A very fun evening.

The weather has been iffy, a lot of fog and rain and some rough seas, amazing how this ocean liner just cuts through the waves like butter, the little Neptune would have been rocking and rolling.

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