Final Thoughts


After 164 days away it is hard to accept that the trip is over. 

The last few days were driving from New York to Florida with some stops to see friends along the way, a great ending to a great trip. All the way around the world without getting on a plane.

Everyplace we went was amazing and people were friendly. The Viking Neptune is a wonderful ship and the crew is outstanding. They took such good care of us.

I know people will ask questions like “What was your favorite?” “Any surprises?”

That is really hard as it was all so good. For me some highlights were; The Panama Canal, Hobbiton, Milford Sound, Komodo Island, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka (A huge surprise), Petra and Luxor. 

The biggest surprises to me were really getting to understand how big the world is, it is huge! Also, how social the little ship became. We met great new friends; Deb and Monroe, Edi and Howie, Carl and Christine, Jesse and Martha, Phil and Kathy, Rodger and Deb  and so many more but for me personally especially Robin and Chris who re-ignited my love of photography and taught me so much about our oceans and the life in them and the challenges our oceans face.

For a short while it will be nice to be home with our friends, but never fear, we are heading out on our next adventure in July. Iceland, Greenland, Norway, the UK, France, Spain and Portugal are on the list for this summer and fall.

Would we do another world cruise? 100% Yes!

We are happy to tell tales and show pictures over a beer anytime!

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  1. Sweet post. Your sunset picture brought little tears to my eye.s. So glad you had an amazing adventure and are ready for more

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