Richmond and London

May 10th to 18th

Our home away from home in Richmond

We spent several fantastic days with friends and visiting the sights around Richmond and into London. 

Spring is a great time to be here as the flowers are in full force even if it was a bit chilly.

We managed to find a pub every day for lunch and then had dinner with our friends in the evenings.

We walked a lot. About 47 miles.

Kew Gardens

My favorite garden in the world and we got to go twice. Absolutely beautiful, the bluebells were in full glory throughout the garden. 

The Natural History Museum

This is a beautiful building in London. The exhibits seem to cover everything from Dinosaurs to Whales.  So much to see.

The Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition was there, stunning photos.

Richmond Park

This huge wild park is a great place to go for long walks. The views were outstanding and the azaleas were in full bloom at the plantation garden.

Hampton Court by Boat

We decided to take a riverboat cruise up the Thames to Hampton court and back. A great relaxing morning. It was very cool to go through the locks on the Thames.

The ship we were on was actually one of the ships used in the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. Very cool history.

We found a great little pub for lunch and then enjoyed the palace for a couple hours before sailing back to Richmond.

The British Museum

Another beautiful building with even more to see than the NHM. Complete sensory overload.

I had always wanted to see the Rosetta Stone and now I have. 

The Ham House

We walked the couple miles down to this old house on the Thames, so much history in this area.

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